Here you can see our illustrious teams!

Click on Create a Team to make a team. Once your team is created you will add each individual separately. That member will be added to your roster.

This game is 100% free and signing up with a team is totally optional.
Read Dan's letter to runners about our fundraising efforts and Net Neutrality.

We encourage you to create colorful backgrounds for your characters examples from years past!

Name Raised
Story Luck$10.00
Team Wack-a-doodle$0
Rage Against the Machine $0.00
The Honorable Runningsmen$0.00
The Foreigners?$0.00
Lonely Regalia$0.00
Tunnel Snakes$0.00

Group Signup is CLOSED

Common Cause. Story Luck will use the money to put on more free events like Journey and Common Cause will be educating people about the issues surrounding net neutrality.

Trophies will be awarded to the team that raises the most money, and the team with the lowest combined time. If one of your team members gets caught, and they come into the finish line, their time will be counted as 5 hours. If they do not make it to the finish line, even as a robot, their time will be counted as 6 hours.

You do not have to sign up as a team to play the game, or donate. If you want to donate, feel free to donate under Story Luck. Or pick the team whose description you like the best.

If you have questions, email